Drawing For Children

Written by Mark Overmars
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Drawing for Childen is a free drawing program for children with many nice options. You can draw with many different pens, you can put stamps on your drawings, create all sort of text effects, and much more. The program is suitable for very young children and has a child mode especially for them. But it also provides lots of fun to older kids. It is used by hundreds of thousands of kids all over the world. The best way to see what is possible is to simply download it and install it. Remember, it is free.

Drawing for Children runs on basically any PC and any windows version (95 till Vista). For more information, see the readme file. The newest version 2.2 (dated Dec 26, 2007) adds support for different picture sizes and has a better settings form.


There is a document describing the use of the program but it is better to just start and play with it. A web version can be found here.


The program is available for free. Download it here and execute the downloaded file
Drawing for Children version 2.2 (1.2M)
or in the form of a zip file:
Drawing for Children version 2.2 as zip file (1.2M)

Support Us

Drawing for Children is free. But you can support us by buying our game Super Snake HD for $1 on iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

I put the program in Child Mode but now I cannot change the settings any more, nor can I quit the program.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S (that is, hold the Ctrl, Alt and Shift key and press S) to show the settings form. Here you can change the mode again. You can also use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Q to quit the program.

The pictures don't print or the prints are gray-scale.

This happens on certain (old?) printers. A work-around is the following. Click on the pair of scissors in the sketch list. Pull a box around the picture with the mouse (or around a part of the picture you want to print). The picture is now put on the clipboard. Now open another drawing program (like the standard Paint) or open Word. Use Ctrl+V to paste the picture. Print it from there.

When will a new version appear.

This is uncertain at the moment. We have done some work on a new version but currently this is halted because we are actively developing the next version of Game Maker.